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Welcome to the Land of Skulls Forum! - Gaiyoku - 04-10-2016

Here you may post about anything and everything in general.  A nice place to go for the community to chat with one another about anything.  Please be mindful of the following rules below.  These rules apply to the whole forum.


1.)No Solicitation of any kind.  (Ads, spamming or anything of the sort.  Instant IP banning for doing this.)
2.)General discussion about other Games is perfectly fine, but please don't advertise for these games.
3.)Be considerate of each other.  No offensive humor or harsh slanders against one another.  These posts will be blocked and you will be warned.
4.)It is okay to curse, just please try to keep it PG-13.  Obsessive cursing is not permitted as children may be browsing here.  (This means no vulgar words.  You will get warned first.)
5.)Enjoy yourself!