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Have Questions About Land of Skulls...? - Gaiyoku - 03-21-2017

Hey guys, do you have some questions you'd like to ask about Land of Skulls concerning it's future?  Well, fear not.  Here is your chance!  I will try to respond to all questions with the time that I have to answer.  I will also leave you some answered questions in this post that I get asked frequently.  

Here are the Questions I have been asked in the past and have answered to those individuals:

Q.) Will combat stay the way it is or will it change?

A.)  Yes, combat will completely change.  I will be making it more RPG style rather then a time battle that it currently is in Pre-Alpha.  This is just the barebones of the combat system that I have implemented.  There is already code in the system that is not being used for RPG mechanics, such as block, dodge, magic defense, magic attack, and more...  How it changes though is up to the community.  

I currently have plans to make a skill system as well, where you could use special skills during combat.  Such as holding down right mouse button to unleash a powerful attack with a cool down to disallow over use.  I also will have Flint Lock Guns added into the game.  These will work as a side arm at any time for use.  A good example of this is in an older game called "Pirates of the Caribbean" published by Bethesda.  If you haven't played that game, the guns will be able to be triggered to use at your will.  They will also have different barrels which will support how many shots are to be fired.  These guns will feature projectile bullets, that will fire in a forward motion.  It will be possible to miss a target with a gun as you would in real life.  None of what I stated though is Official, this could all change based on (you) the community.

Q.)  Will the Map be large or small and will there be different areas or biomes?

A.)  The Map will be large, possibly extra large depending on how you look at it personally.  

A2.)  Yes to both of them, there will be areas specifically for certain items to gather.  Also those areas will be tougher areas with different mobs, so you will need to level accordingly to be able to survive in those areas.  You will not be blocked off of these areas though, you will be able to go to any area of your choice.  So, if you are able to get by the enemies via your skill, then yes you will be able to mine that special ore you are looking for.  This means that your mining skill is higher than your characters level though, so if you are attacked, be prepared to face the consequences.  As far as biomes go, those areas will be biomes as well.  They may be a wetlands, swamp, dryland or even a frostland.  These biomes that I have mentioned are not chiseled in stone though, those may change.

Q.)  When do you plan on adding the new map and combat system?

A.)  All of these systems that are not part of the "Core" features will be added during Alpha.  The Map will be the first priority, and will be added in stages so you will get a new experience if you back Land of Skulls throughout it being developed.  Right now my major concern is the bones of the Game, which is why the map is so tiny right now.  The code I have implemented is all able to be put on a huge map at any moment.  I always code thinking of the future Big Grin.

Q.)  Will you need help to complete this project, so will these things you are stating to be in Alpha may or may not be implemented if extra people cannot be hired?

A.)  The thing about me is I know my limits.  I am not going to promise you the world and not... do it like some of those devs out there.  I know what I can do, and what I cannot do.  There are things that I could implement and state would be in this game, but I know I'd need help to do them.  These things will be added to the backer list for the amount of money needed to get those types of things implemented.  I will only state what I know I can implement with no issues.  I may be delayed at times with some of these features because they can be pretty beefy, but that is normal.  If I state something to you that I will add to the game, I have already made sure that I can do it Smile.

Here's your opportunity to ask questions of your own.  I look forward to answering them!  I also hope you are enjoying what features are currently in Land of Skulls now, and yes all of those features will be further expanded in Alpha Big Grin.  Now it's time for me to go back to work!  Heh.