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Hey Guys!

Would you like to voice your opinion on something in the game or see something that you think could work a little differently from how it does in the game?  Please voice your opinions here.  I look to the community on their thoughts to see if you guys really do enjoy what is being done.  Please, I strongly encourage you to leave your suggestions here.  Also, you may voice your opinions or your thoughts on the DevBlog about things I am currently doing or have done throughout updates.  

I want to make sure that I make a game that you guys enjoy.  The only way to do that is if I know you are enjoying what I am currently doing or am planning to do by letting you know on the DevBlog.  I don't want to make a game where I make it the way I want and that's it.  I would like to make it as if I'm working with you guys.  If I see your thoughts, and think your idea is awesome and see that it can be done...  I will add it in the game!  Now I know I can't do this for all of your ideas, cause the game would never get released.  So, I will only be able to pick the very best.  This does not mean that the other thoughts are for nothing though.  Those thoughts could be things that should be improved or things that could change for the better.

Arrow Those of you who are currently Elite Testers, please post your thoughts here as well.

For those of you who choose to leave your suggestions or thoughts.  Thank you!  Again, your opinion matters!
(Game Designer of Land of Skulls) Smile

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