Land of Skulls Shelved, but new game coming!

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Yes, many of you already have known about the shelving of Land of Skulls due to not reaching its goal on Kickstarter.  You may also be aware of the new game announced on the main website as stated above.  If you do not, well… you will now.  The new game will be focused heavily on a causal competitive game you can play with the masses.  This will not be an MMORPG, but more of a competitive MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) in a way where you compete for the high score in many different ways.

The game will feature puzzle solving strategies, problem solving, and quick response actions based on random events that take place.  There are more details about this game to come, but this gives you a general idea without a clear image of the game as it is not yet but will be entering Alpha soon.  At the moment I am currently adding the finishing touches on the Pre-Alpha version and it is entering it’s final testing phase.

So, you might be wondering well… what happens in the Alpha phase then?  Well, I’ll explain to you just that…  In Alpha I’ll begin adding extra features onto the base game that give it some extra bit of difficulty, counter difficulty, and added fun mechanics.  These features were not meant to be part of the core mechanics of the game so this is why they will be entered into the Alpha phase.  To let you know, the core mechanics are all implemented into the Pre-Alpha phase which means once it hits the Alpha phase… all of the base game functions are working 100% and there is now a game to play :D.

Not only will I be adding features to the base game made in the Pre-Alpha phase but I will also open the door for a donation to enter the Alpha phase for testing and help making the game even better before it goes to the masses.  This will give you access to the game to play it for yourself throughout its development.  The amount of donation will not be very high at all, so you will not have to worry there.  The amount gained from the donations is to help me get the funding to finish development of the game as I do need to pay bills and such.  Remember, this is a solo developed game which is why the amount for donation will not be huge, cause it isn’t necessary for that.  I will be showing off footage of the game shortly after the Alpha phase and all the business side of things have taken place to give you an idea of the game and if you like it enough to support it through development.

Finally, there will be no Kickstarter!  That’s right, I’ll not be going Kickstarter as the company itself is heavily focused on paying loads of money into self advertising, and I do not have the funds for that plus to demand so much from people just to pay those funds for advertising is a bit ridiculous, and this I found out after my first Kickstarter attempt and mostly why it failed as a lot of people did like it who knew about it.  That is why Land of Skulls is “shelved” and not canceled, because i still feel that people will love it once I have the means to go back to work on it.  This game is heavily focused on the story that Land of Skulls had so rest assured you will see assets from Land of Skulls in this new game as well as some back story of factions working into the story in this game.

Thank you for being a supporter by visiting my game page for those of you who have continued to do so.  I appreciate just the interest you guys give to my games even if there isn’t any money involved, it gives me a great feeling inside and keeps me moving forward.  Till next update, have a great day!

Now launched on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter Campaign

Land of Skulls is now on Kickstarter and the Campaign has already begun! If you would like to see a future for Land of Skulls, please back the project. I will unfortunately have to end working on the game if the goal is not reached, as I cannot go any further without living funds.

I have worked very hard on this project for a few years starting with just assets, then later programming and more with not much money to live off of while working a regular part time paying job on the side. With my super supportive wife I was able to get it this far, with living paycheck to paycheck in hopes of fulfilling my dream to be a Game Designer of a great game. I still have that dream, but I’ll need your help.

Kickstarter was the way I decided to go to get the funds needed to complete the game. I only work on this project alone, so that is the reason for the $100,000 goal. It would give me the money for not only the full time position, but also for business creation, licensing, software, and rewards given out after the Kickstarter. I was hoping to go smaller, but for all of that… plus I forgot to mention the fees for Kickstarter, I will need that much to make progress in the game.

Are you unsure about backing? I’d like to help fix that, please ask any questions about the game through this post, via the forums, through kickstarter, and even the “Contact Us” page found on the main website. I’ll do everything I can to answer those questions, and I love talking about the game as is. I also did not have funds for advertising, so if you are unable to back it at the moment, the best way to fund without paying is to help me spread the word about Land of Skulls.

If the game does not reach its goal, even though I’ll be sad about it’s time to end, I enjoyed working on it this long. Those of you who stuck by the game to support it, I thank you very much. Those of you who have just found Land of Skulls and want to help support it, I also very much appreciate it. Lets think positive though! Lets work together, and help spread the word about Land of Skulls, and strive for a successful outcome. Thanks again everyone, and I’ll keep you all posted on any updates till the Kickstarter Campaign concludes.

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