DevBlog Update 1/6/2016

Hello All,

I hope you enjoyed your Holidays!

     Over the Holidays I have also been working on the random generation for the game.  It is now complete enough to show off how it looks!  There is a video below that shows you it in action, and I'll explain here about it.  What is happening is that there will be nothing on the created map except for prefabs that spawn enemies (may change) and the player. 

     You will have to build the other objects (NPC Craft Table, and NPC Chests) yourself in-game which will be my next goal to work on.  You'll notice as soon as I click the play button the world is populated with all kinds of resources.  Right now I have broke the NPC while working on the random gen, so you will notice he doesn't turn.  I will be fixing that soon, heh.

     Enemies are still working very well as I show you in the video.  All of those resources are able to be harvested and will disappear shortly after.  As far as those resources getting repopulated after being harvested, that is not implemented and will be soon.  That's all I have for now, but I thought I should show you guys what I have been working on.  

     Hope you enjoy the footage!  See you guys next time I have more to show you, and I hope that will be a live stream.




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