DevBlog Update 1/12/2016

Hello again everyone!

     I have taken the time to edit the features list of the game, and added some more features that will be implemented in the future :D.  I am currently working on the crafting system at the moment.  I am extremely excited to get this in the game as it is one of the major features you will be using.  Right now the windows are designed, and are functional with showing and hiding of the Crafting Window and Recipe List Window.  However, I have not coded the way that it works yet.  I will be doing this starting tomorrow!

     I won’t be showing anything off till it is fully working and I am proud of the results, sorry if the suspense is killing you (lol!)  I can’t wait to show this to you though, and I hope all goes well so I can do exactly that!  In the mean time, for those of you who are on the Wurm Unlimited “DeadWorld” server, enjoy your gaming.  For the rest of you,  I look forward to showing you more soon here on the DevBlog!



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