DevBlog Update 6/21/2016

Hello again guys,

     Just letting you guys know that I had to step out of town last week so I didn't get much time to work on the game, however the week before I managed to get all of the first Tier Armor Completely modeled and put into the game.  My next step is to insert the code to let the player equip this gear as well as all gear in the future.

     Once I complete the code I will then enable the gear to be crafted in the already implemented Crafting System.  Then once that is accomplished I will be moving on to Player Stats, which will effect you by buffing you up in defense and later on giving you some beneficial buffs with other types of gear you craft or find laying around within the world.

     I am also going to extend the Funding period to August, as I have been set behind by my having to leave town and an emergency situation that came about these past couple of weeks.  Again, I hate pushing these things back, but I still remain a one man team at the moment.  This would go a lot quicker with help, but I do not have the currency to do that, which is where your help will come in!  I just don't want to leave you with nothing to do when I hand over the Pre-Alpha to those of you who buy into the Pre-Alpha through donation.

     Thanks again for checking back on the game and reading this!  I am now back at work and going full steam ahead!  Also, to let you know there is a new facebook for Land of Skulls, you can find it here!  If you're interested in the game, please leave a like!  I'd also love to hear from you guys either there or through this DevBlog for those of you who do keep checking on the games progress.  Till next update, enjoy those other games out there!

New armor you can craft within the Crafting System. It is called Wooden Armor.

New armor you can craft within the Crafting System. It is called Wooden Armor. The helm is made out of Tree Leaves, and some of the chest is also made out of Tree Leaves.  The rest of the armor is made out of wood from the Trees.



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