DevBlog Update 6/28/2016

Hello again guys,

     If you joined me in the stream, thank you for coming. If not, I hope I can catch you in the next stream. Today I successfully added enabling the player (you) to be able to equip and unequipped armor. I also showed how you can buy these items from the shop in the game, and how the equip/unequipped works.

     I will finish the rest of the slots off stream as all I need to do is copy and paste code. Very easy to do and boring for you to watch, heh.

     In the next stream I will implement stats changing on the Character Sheet when you equip/unequipped the armor or weapons. Currently I have 4 stats, and those are:
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Magic Defense
  • Ranged Attack Power
     Strength and Defense will be the first to be implemented, the others will come later when Flintlock weapons are implemented and magic cast from enemies are also implemented.

     Again, I hope to catch you in the next live stream which will be next week. I will post here for the exact date. Goodbye for now!


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