DevBlog Update 10/10/2016

Some great media for you!

     Well after a long few days without power due to Hurricane Matthew, I am back up and moving forward!  Here are some screen shots of things to look forward to in Pre-Alpha 7!  Check them out below!


     In the above picture you will notice farming!  The farming system is very similar to Harvest Moons latest Farming System.  It is made easy to plant one whole plot with any crop you choose to buy from your supplier depending on your relationship with that supplier.  The more friendly the NPC is towards you, the more you will get access to, but that is not the only way to obtain them, hahaha (evil laugh.)  I'll let you know more about this in the future.

     You will need to seed the plots, water them daily, and keep them alive and well or they will spoil.  You will also be able to Federalize the crops to get them to speed up the growth period.  There are graphical changes in the phases of growth periods as well.  (These are all modeled and in the game already.  I will be working on the system, and will be in Pre-Alpha 7!) 


     In the above picture you see a new Bed you'll be able to place in game with a sleeping function.  As far as it animating as of now, sorry but I may not have the time to do that yet.  So, chances are you will just sleep and wake up to the next day for now.  Also, you will notice the new Quest Book!  This is already fully functional and working well, woot!  Your first quest is gathered from the Blacksmith NPC to also gain a Relationship with him (this is also in Pre-Alpha 7 and working right now!)  You will be shown numbers above your NPC's head showing you how much you raised your Relationship and a Bar to show you how close to maximum you are.

     Not only does your quest log work, but the NPC who needs to give you a quest will display an icon above their head as well as an icon to indicate the NPC is ready for you to turn in your quest to him/her.

     I hope you enjoyed the seeing what's to come in Pre-Alpha 7, but that is not all that's coming either!  Nope, there is more, but I'm not spoiling everything, hahaha.  Catch you guys in the next Devblog Update!


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