DevBlog Update 11/16/2016

The Launch of Pre-Alpha 7!

That's right, Pre-Alpha 7 is now available to all!  You can download it via this DevBlog under the Downloads link above.  There are few things for me to let you know about this release.

The Banker is just a placeholder, and stands there for the moment.  She will be working in Pre-Alpha 8 which will be free for everyone also!  Not only that, walking off the edge of the map is fatal and you will need to exit the game and reload it.  I have knocked out most of the noticeable bugs though, but if you still encounter some... Please report them in the Forums under the Bugs category.

As bugs are fixed, I will be releasing patches to Pre-Alpha 7 for couple weeks.  Then Pre-Alpha 8 will follow.  If you like what you see currently, the game will be expanding on all of the features currently in there and more new features still to come!  Please support Land of Skulls by donating for the Pirate rank on our main page, and earn access to all Pre-Alphas, Alphas, Betas, and the final release!

You can find the Forums via the main website at  Before I leave you to enjoy Pre-Alpha 7, I should also let you know that the restriction of Land of Skulls is lifted exclusively for Pre-Alpha 7!  Stream it all you'd like!  Enjoy guys!


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