DevBlog Update 11/28/2016

Another Quick Update,

     Hello again guys, and I'm posting this to just keep you knowing that I'm still moving forward.  I am currently working on the Trade System as mentioned before, and it could take some time, but I'm hoping not too much time.  I would say no more than a month, but probably less then a month if everything goes well.  This including the animations, and timers for the animations as well as all the code I'm trowing at it right now as I type this.  Currently the UI is functional to where you can easily switch between making a trade or to gather things from your warehouse from the Trader NPC (formerly known as Banker NPC.)

     With you being able to switch between the two, you will see two currencies that you can monitor as you change values of what you are adding to trade for currency or withdrawing.  There is a picture below showing each panel of the Trade Window.  This UI could change at any moment while I'm working on it, but for now this is how it looks.  If you like what you see, or you do not like the look please let me know in comments.  I will adjust it as you guys see fit.  If no comments are in, I just take it as I'm doing just fine and keep on plugging away, heh.  You will still get to try out this new system in Pre-Alpha 8 as stated before, as Pre-Alpha 8 will be free for everyone.

     The Confirm button will do both calculations no matter which panel you are in.  So you don't need to worry about switching back and forth between windows to do both transaction types.  The Cancel button, well... It will do just that. It will cancel all of the changes you made in the window, and then close the window completely.  Animations for canceling are not planned at this time, but will be included in the future.   If you confirm, again as stated before, the system will calculate both panels as it should based on what you are seeing.  Next the trading animations will play, and once the trading npc hands (Withdrawing will not be done in this version, but may be featured in a patch to Pre-Alpha 8)  over your money.  You will then see all the currency in your Inventory.  Note, you will not be able to Trade (including Withdrawing) with a full inventory, so make sure to craft a chest (yes, that will be a thing in this pre-alpha!)

     Then there you have it.  That's the Trading System, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!  Enjoy the screen shots below of the new system, and I'll catch you in the next DevBlog update!

Warehouse Panel – Where you can view everything you have in your Warehouse.
(The Slot in the top scroll frame will be duplicated soon to fill that frame, this was taken while as a(n) Work in Progress.)



Trade Panel – Here you will be able to add items by right clicking on items in your inventory. Each time you right click the same item, the amount will rise till it reaches your current amount in your inventory.
The Minus button will Subtract from your current amount that you have added to the list. Each slot will have an Item Name, and amount that is adjustable.
(The one slot will be duplicated to fill the rest of the scroll frame. This was taken while as a(n) Work in Progress.)



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