DevBlog Update 12/14/2016

New Trading System and Teaser!



One thought on “DevBlog Update 12/14/2016

  1. This system will be only accessible from the Trader NPC. You will need to build the Trader NPC her Table/Cash Register for her to start her trade. Animations upon trade will take place after hitting the Confirm button. The Teaser just shows you the mechanics of how it works as that is currently fully functional and working.

    NPCs will go to your Trader and retrieve items in set intervals to gather things from your warehouse that they need. If you do not have the items they are needing then your relationship will go down with that NPC, and the reverse effect if you do have what they need.

    (The above is my next project! I hope you enjoy the teaser! I love how this turned out myself, and I tried to make it very easy to understand and use as much as I could with the User Interface. Let me know in comments if you think otherwise. You can also view a bigger view of this animation here: Click Here )

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