DevBlog Update 12/28/2016

Quick Update before the end of the year:

Hey guys!  I told you I'd post an update before the end of the year, and I keep my promises.  So, here we go:

     The NPC Trading system is coming along very well, actually the whole system is working as of right now, but very.... buggy.  I will be adding a video probably next week when I get all the bugs worked out.  Currently every NPC in the game has an Inventory, and will walk to the trader table to receive goods that they need via a Needs List that is in the background.

     Each NPC is booked with times to check to see if the Trader is vacant at the time.  If she is, then they will go to the Trader table to get their needs.  Not only that, they will also return to their position (work station that you must place in the world) based on time as well.  This is set so that now NPCs will have times to go to bed, and do other misc. activities such as, yes... Gather mats for you and trade them into the Trader for copper, silver, and up to gold coins.

     Now, before they can get any money, the Trader must always contain money.  To do this, you must collect currency and trade it into the bank or collect ingots and exchange them for currency.  The banker will smelt the ingots into currency of each type, so you have no worries about doing all of that extra work.  This is how your Trader will earn money as well.  (Ingots being smelted into currency is not currently implemented yet, but will be very soon!  Probably in an update to Pre-Alpha 8.)

     When the NPC reaches their time to give items, they will again search for the table being vacant.  If it is vacant they will head to it, and give the items they currently have to give for currency in exchange.  This could be: wood, stone, ores... and more later to be added.  This gives them the currency needed to collect goods in the morning they are needing.  If they do not have enough money for buying items, their relationship will decrease with you.  Not significantly until they are unable to eat or fulfill other like serious needs, which is a more severe penalty.

     The Relationship system will work with other systems including this one in the following way... As your relationship gains stronger with an NPC, they will collect more mats for you.  In turn they will earn more money, and have the next tier of needs.  For example; Actual cooked dinner and not just vegetables, firewood, and more later to be added.  They will also offer you more advanced tiers from each of their skills, such as a better sword than what you can currently craft.  They will also craft rare, and epic items as well in the future.  (This will be implemented and updated as alphas are released.)

     Everything stated above works at this time (not including the actions I told you above haven't been implemented yet,) just with a very buggy experience at the moment.  Again, I'll be working all of that out before I post a video.  The animations I'd like to get in before releasing the Alpha, and there are other things I had to delay because of the NPCs needing inventories for this system to work.  However, I will be adding patches to Pre-Alpha 8 with these things being implemented as they should of been for you guys.  Thanks for your support guys, hope to post that video next week!



One thought on “DevBlog Update 12/28/2016

  1. Still at work on this, the Blacksmith had to be re-coded to work with the new NPC AI script, which ended up taking a bit longer than I anticipated. All is well as of today, so there is just some other things I need to do before I show it off to you guys, which is why I’m only commenting to this post and not doing an official post yet.

    I will be adding to the AI script: Eating, and Dropping off their supplies they have gathered for you.

    Some of this may not be added in the first launch of Pre-Alpha 8 because of other pieces not implemented yet. However, these will be added in patches to Pre-Alpha 8, so no worries for you guys who haven’t donated to the game yet.

    Sorry for it taking me longer than I thought it would, but this feature is one of the largest to give you game-play. So, the outcome of it getting in… completely changes the game-play and how long you will have fun in the game.

    For now, catch you guys in the next post when I’m done with most of the above. I’m just glad its all finally working! Also, no animations yet in Pre-Alpha 8, those will be added in the patches as well if I have the time to get to it because of all the other features I need to add before my posted Deadlines on my dry erase board which will also greatly enhance game-play.

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