Land of Skulls Patch 9.5.3 Released!

Release of Land of Skulls Patch 9.5.3 for everyone!

     You may now download Patch 9.5.3 of Land of Skulls which includes a bunch of fixes as well as some new features including Saving and Loading!

Bugs I found currently in 9.5.3:

  1. Getting a full inventory will not allow you to collect anything.  Try not to completely fill your inventory.  Storage and a fix for this will come to the game soon!

Currently that is all I have found in my play through.  If you happen to find any additional bugs, please post a comment to this post.  I will try to fix anything you guys happen to find in your play through.  You may also leave any feedback as a comment to this post as well.  Thank you for supporting Land of Skulls and I hope to hear from you guys soon!



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