Before Kick-starter Price Change!

You can now buy into Land of Skulls Pirate Rank for only $11.97!  This is a limited time only price for those of you who wish to get into it before Kick-starter is launched.  Pirate Rank will give you access to Pre-Alpha 10, All Alpha, All Beta, and the final version of the game!

For those of you who wish to wait for Kick-starter rewards, I have quite a few of those planed and I cannot wait to show you.  This includes rewards all the way up to physical items.

Patrons will still get Physical Items when they reach a year of support for each year they are a Patron, not to mention the rewards before the year is up.  The lowest a Patron pays per month is $5 to earn these awesome rewards.  You will also get your name in the game as a thanks for your support!

I am still working on Pre-Alpha 10 as we speak and I will keep you posted on any new updates as features I am working become complete.  Storage at this time is my priority, and it is already 50% done.  Thanks for your support for Land of Skulls and I’ll catch you in the next update!



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