Features (Old Road-map)

Land of Skulls – This Roadmap is no longer edited, but shows you things that have yet to be added to the new Road-map at this time.


Strive to survive in a dangerous land with only yourself and your crew.  To do this you'll need to explore the land, gather materials and build your territory in the way you'd like, explore dungeons for epic loot or items to craft even better gear for you to fight harder monsters... including boss fights, take care of your economy so your villagers stay happy, and more!

     Features Planned - Updated 9/06/2017

Build Phases:
Pre-Alpha (1 - 10)
Alpha (TBA)
Beta (TBA)

(All Alpha Defined Updates below are not including which Version of Alpha.  They could be in the very beginning or the very end.  Once the game hits Alpha, I will change them to which version.)

Crowd Funding Phase (Pre-Alpha 10):

Storage System (For storing supplies.  Currently will be the Warehouse System.  Personal has been moved within Alpha.)
Random Event System (This system will feature Random Events that could take place in a single day via a CPU Controlled Narrator.)
R.E.S.:  Raid
Night Reapers
Fort Building System
Breakable Gates and Doors
Foliage Work
Building Touchups
Bug Fixing
Check Systems by playtesting
Add new Biome Code (Random Generation System)

Farming (Pre-Alpha 7) - 10/10/16
Farm Plot Models
Soil Plot Models
Corn Models with growth stages
Carrot Models with growth stages
More Crops (Alpha)
Farming System
Fertalizer Particles and Effects (Alpha)

Save/Load (It's back!  Continued work throughout development for new features.)

Female Main Character (Yes, you can be a female pirate!)

Pirate Clothing Attachments:
Pirate Hats (Alpha)
Pirate Eye Patches (Alpha)

Water for Beach Shore (Alpha)

Beach Area (Pre-Alpha 7 - Pre-Alpha 8) - 9/20/2016
(Will Continue this in Alpha, but will be completely redone.)

Ranching (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Wild Animals (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Pet System (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Taming System (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Pet UI (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Ranch UI (Pre-Alpha 9) - 9/6/2017

Breeding System (Alpha)

Pet and Ranched Animal/Creature Food and Respect System (Pre-Alpha 10 - Alpha)

Random Resource Generation:
(This Will change in Alpha.)

RRG Phase 2 (Alpha)
(Trees will be able to be planted, and more resources may be added at this time.  Currently everything works as it should.)

(Reworked) - (Featured in Pre-Alpha 6)
Free Placement of Building Pieces:  Floors, Walls, Doorways, Windows, Roofs, and more..
Free placement of Crafting Structures:  Campfire, Oven, Smelter,  Saw Table and more...
Free Placement of Furniture:  Torches, Lamps, Wallpaper, Beds, and more...

Shopping System

Trading System/Selling System (Pre-Alpha 8):
Player Trading - 12/13/2016
Player Withdrawing from Warehouse
NPC Trading - 1/24/2017
Player Trading Animations - 3/8/2017 (Pre-Alpha 8.2)
NPC Inventory System:
NPC Inventory UI
NPC Information UI (Alpha 1)
NPC Player to NPC Trading (Sometime during Alpha)

Experience Gain

Equipping your Character

Character Sheet

Player Stats

Daylight/Nightlight Cycle (Featured in Pre-Alpha 6)
(Sun/Moon Models, Clock Display and Month/Day/Year)

Pet System (Pre-Alpha 9)  - 9/6/2017

Advanced Crafting (Cooking, Smithing, and more...) 3/14/2017 (Pre-Alpha 8.2)

Hunger System

Thirst System (Possibly?)

Alchemy (You can do basic Alchemy, but furniture will come during Alpha.)

NPC Happiness

NPC Text Screens

Bounty System - 3/01/2017
Killing bosses for rewards from your NPCs (Protect that bounty though, if it's damaged and destroyed... no reward for you)

Quest System:
(Some Featured in Pre-Alpha 6, mostly Featured for Pre-Alpha 7)
Quest Book - 9/27/2016
NPC Quests - 9/27/2016
NPC Relationship Gain (Friendship, gains their loyalty, and Advancement in the game.)
Rewards for Completing Quests (Relationship and Advancements)
NPCs Help Gather for you depending on Relationship - (Alpha)

NPC Relationships

Inventory System 
(RPG Style, with Drag and Drop capabilities.)

Bank System
(With Banker NPC Withdrawal Soon to Come during Alpha!)

Combat Expanded (Alpha)

Rare Items (3/1/2017)
Rare Crafts (Pre-Alpha 10 - Alpha)

Currency System


Economy - 1/24/2017

Resource Gathering

Game Complete Terrain (Alpha)
(Terrain in the Game in Pre-Alpha is not at all what will be in the game.)

Map System (Alpha)

(Trying to add at least one mini-dungeon prior to game access pre-alpha.)
Graveyard (Overhaul)  - 9/6/2017
Nightreaper Lair (Pre-Alpha 10 - Alpha)
Terrorlings Lair (Alpha)

Mini-Dungeon Boss (Pre-Alpha 6)  - 9/6/2017
Instanced Dungeons (Alpha)

and more to come!


Currently Implemented
Currently being worked on - (Date Started Work)
Partially Implemented -> Will be gradually worked on throughout development as needed.
Next to be implemented after Yellow.
Not Implemented Yet (Estimated Time Frame)