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Pre-Alpha 9.5.3 Free For All!
(Our No Streaming restriction is lifted for this download!  Stream if you'd like!)
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(Please report bugs here on our Forum.)

How to Install:

  1. Use Windows to Extract the Folder (Simply drag the folder out of the downloaded folder on your desktop.)
  2. After Extraction you should be able to run the game.
  3. If you receive an Error on Running LoS.exe or LoS_64.exe you must use the other one as you may have a 64 bit or 32 bit system.

Pre-Alpha 9.5.3:

Bug Fixes:

  • Code reworked on player bounce back when enemies are too close to the player.  Please leave feedback if it acts up again.
  • Roosters may have been messed up as I made a boo-boo on editing them in this build.  Please leave feedback if they are acting weird, and I'll fix it.
  • Time Passing was reduced to a slower speed by a few lines of code getting worked in to adjust time passing easier depending on player feedback.
  • Death of the player caused a fatal error with "Null Reference."  This is now fixed and you can die without worry, well... with errors that is.
  • Resolution Fix.  (Some Windows in game were showing weird at lower resolutions.  Please let me know if you spot anymore.)

New Features:

  • Map Feature Available!  (Made this available for free players as I felt bad for the fatal null reference error being in the game.  Use M Key to display Map.)
  • Saving and Loading is back!  (This only saves and loads your inventory though, all other features of saving have been disabled for work with the new objects implemented.)
  • Tutorial Edited to show Map Key.

Pre-Alpha 9.5.2:

Bug Fixes:

  • Navmesh Issues were fixed.
  • Opening Scene now completely overhauled.

Pre-Alpha 9.5.1:

Bug Fixes:

  • Rad Berry Potions were not giving any healing. (Fixed.)
  • Small Potions were not giving correct amount of healing. (Fixed.)

Pre-Alpha 9.5:
(It's even bigger!  Pre-Alpha 10  is going to be so big, I decided to split it into two phases.  9.5 will feature everything testers, LoS Pirates, and Patreons have fully tested and enjoyed.)

New Animal Husbandry:

  • Care for your Animals by first Taming them, then Feeding them to get them even more happy!
  • Not just wanting Animals for your farm?  Why not tame a pet!?
  • New Animal Bed
  • New Animal Certificate System
  • New Animal Taming System
  • New Animal Information Desk (Displays all information on all of your tamed pets.)
  • New Animal Feed Asset (This feed is temporary as more feed will be implemented.)
  • New Farm Animals (Chicken, and Rooster!)
  • New Tameable Pet (Wild Boar)
  • and more!

Pet Combat:

  • Pet Following System
  • Pet Targeting System
  • Pet Send in to Attack your target feature
  • New Pet UI window on targeting.

Other Things Changed:

  • New Trees!  (One is currently only available to be seen in this version.  10.0 will have 2 others on spawn.)
  • New Tree Felling Animation.
  • Water!
  • New Terrain!  (Will feature 5 different Regions, currently available in this build is the Rainforest Region.)
  • New Rad Berries!
  • New intro to Alchemy via the crafting window.
  • over 20 new assets added!
  • Foliage added to terrain.
  • Finished Graveyard!  (This is now a complete maze, try to get to Lord Dreadful and claim his bounty box!)

Minor Changes/Fixes:

  • New larger Targeting Distance.  (This does not effect your players Combat Range, only your weapon will change your Combat Range.)
  • Sledgehammer 1.0  (Allows you to destroy buildings placed.)
  • Clicking your Tool window will remove the active tool from it.
  • New Recipe Information Window added to the crafting screen.
  • New Additions to the Graveyard.  (Assets and more!)
  • New Lighting System.  (Will see this featured on Rad Berries, and the new assets in the Graveyard.)
  • Hint to find your way around the Graveyard, included in the Graveyard, look closely to find this hint as you go through the maze.
  • Minor Bug Fixes and such, please report them on the forums if you find more, thank you!

Things Not Added in this Build that will be in 10.0:

  • Raiding Night Reapers
  • Night Reapers (Currently are working, just not spawned in the game yet.)
  • New Storage Chests
  • New Bank Trader (Reason for this coming soon!)
  • Fort Walls and Gate Enterences (Walking on Fort Walls will not be a thing in 10.0 but may come later.)
  • Damaged Doors.  (Doors will be breakable, reason for this coming soon!

Pre-Alpha 10.0 Unstable will come out to Patreons and LoS Pirates only.  Like to be either of those, join via the main website today!

Pre-Alpha 8.2  (It's a big one!):

New Features:

Trade System Animations:

  • 3 New Animations take place at the Trader Table
  • A New Camera cutscene was added to the Trader Table upon Trading
  • The Trader shows what he is trading in the animation.
  • Over 500 lines of code just for this Animation to work to its fullest.
  • Additional Trading code runs behind the animation as it plays.
  • NPCs do not use this animation yet but still trade as usual.

New Mini-game:

  • You now have to Hold the Left Mouse Button to raise to a possible Perfect Temperature or possible Perfect Cut.
  • The Mini-game runs on a Random Encounter algorithm, so you will need to pay very close attention after you initiate the craft button.
  • Mini-game also uses the Fuel System (Will Tell you more about this system below.)
  • You have the possibility of getting a Bad Score, Good Score, and Perfect Score.
  • Obtaining a Perfect Score grants you an additional item of the craft-able item you chose to craft.

New Fuel System:

  • You now need to place a fuel item into Crafting Workstations that require it.
  • You can remove fuel you do not wish to use.
  • Burning will take place after you initiate the craft process.
  • One fuel item will be used at this time on every run.
  • Choosing not to use the Mini-game will Burn fuel till a Crafting Time is reached.   (Campfire Always uses this.)
  • Each Craft-able has its own Crafting Time, so be mindful of how much fuel you insert.
  • Not having enough fuel will fail the craft.  (This applies to the Mini-Game as well by you failing the Mini-Game.)

New Workstations and Assets:

  • A Woodcutting Station, and Smelting Station made its way into the game.
  • The Campfire has been totally re-programmed.
  • New Recipes were added to support the new Burn and Mini-game Systems.
  • New Icons have been added to the game.
  • New Sprites have been added to the game.

Other Changes:

  • You can now use Ctrl to hide or show the Mouse Cursor.  (Frequently Requested.)
  • Character Sheet received a(n) Surprise addition.
  • Help Window for the Mini-game added.
  • Animation for Combat has been re-transitioned.
  • New Refresh button on the Crafting Window.  (Frequently Requested.)
  • New Recipe Scrolls!
  • Right Click a Recipe Scroll to gain the knowledge to craft the Recipe within the Scroll.
  • Hunger System now can kill you!
  • Adjustments to the database for items trade value, burn time, cook time, and more...
  • Mouse-Over has been updated!  (You will now see a value for trade-able items!)
  • You no longer have to open the Inventory Window to loot!  (Frequently Requested.)
  • New Physics update.  (Might cause some wonky situations at times till I further improve it.)
  • Trader now accepts wood, stone, and other things that were not able to be traded before.
  • You can now press Enter when typing in your Characters Name! (Frequently Requested.)

Bug Fixes from Unstable:

  • Mini-game not giving proper scores, fixed!
  • Shop Window not closing when leaving the Blacksmith, fixed!
  • Removing fuel without having fuel in a Workstation caused an Array error, fixed!
  • Trader doing weird calculations when trading berries, fixed!
  • Trader and Blacksmith doing wrong transitions in dialogues, fixed!
  • Trees and Rocks no longer took damage, fixed!
  • If fuel hit 0, you could still play the Mini-Game, fixed!  (It now resets or if playing the Mini-game, it now shows you failed.)
  • Building Campfires felt a bit wonky, this is all fixed!
  • Good Score was prevented by an addition in the script, 50 more lines of code were needed for a smoother outcome.  (Added in 8.2 this public edition.)

Known Bugs:

  • Saving and Loading still disabled.  (This will be my focus in Pre-Alpha 10 - Alpha, there is no need to save at this time.)
  • Placing a Campfire, Woodcutting Workstation, and Smelter Workstation in a house causes a weird outcome.
    •  (I haven't combined these with the House Building System yet.  Place them outside a house for now.)
  • Closing a LootCrate or Chest Box will not hide the mouse.  (Temporary fix:  If you walk away with them it will hide the mouse and close just fine.)
  • Might still be possible to fall off the edge of the world, I have not tested this with the new physics.
  • If you find any more bugs in this version, please let me know via the forums or the DevBlog, I would greatly appreciate it!

Pre-Alpha 8.1.2 Fixes:

⦁ Game Breaking Bug with the Quest Log.
(You are no longer able to over achieve quests, that was a bug.  This threw off the system so you couldn't turn in your quest.)
⦁ Quest Log now goes to a clear Log after you turn in all your quests.
(Before you could turn in your quest, but the Log would still show that you had that quest to turn in.  This was now fixed.)
⦁ Quest Log Script enhancements.
(Things were changed behind the scenes to support future features!)
⦁ Frames Per Second Enhanced!  I have removed all log prints that I have found to remove FPS drops.
(There may be more, but I will keep removing them as I see them.  Majority runs at 60FPS or better on 1080P.  Windowed Mode is not supported yet.)

Pre-Alpha 8.1.1 Fixes:

⦁ Game Breaking Bug with the Farming System.  This is all now fixed.
⦁ The Tutorial Window has been Updated.  (Bounty System is now Included.)

Pre-Alpha 8.1:

New Features:

Bounty System:
⦁ Bosses now Drop Bounty Boxes! (Currently Only One Boss, will be more soon!)
⦁ Pick up a Bounty Box With the "Action key" (F Key)
⦁ Dropping a Bounty box now with the Enter Key.
⦁ Holding a Bounty Box Dissables Combat
⦁ Getting Attacked by an Enemy drops your currently held Bounty Box
⦁ Dropping A Bounty Box sets the Focus of the Enemies to attack it over the player.
⦁ Attacking an Enemy whos focus is the Bounty Box will draw aggro to the player.
⦁ While holding a bounty box the Player now has an Animation and Slower Speed.
⦁ Bounty Boxes Store Health and what was inside at all times, even while picking them up and dropping them.
⦁ Bounty Boxes can be destroyed if they reach 0 health!
⦁ Turning Bounties into the Trader NPC with the "Action Key" (F Key)
⦁ New Bounty Reward Window!
⦁ New Bounty Carrying Animation!

Equipping System:
⦁ First Tier Gear now makes its way in the game as a visual!
⦁ Equipping Items will now Show that Piece on the Character!
⦁ Unequipped Items will now Hide the Piece on the Character.
⦁ Stats will Adjust just as they have before while equipping and unequipped.

Development Cheat Window:
⦁ Only Main testers were informed on how to open this window.  If you do figure out how, enjoy it!

Bug Fixes from Unstable:

⦁ Opening the Options Screen Now Closes all Active Windows.
⦁ Input for Character Name no longer accepts more than a certain amount of Characters.
⦁ Bounty Boxes don't fly all over the place when moved by the player. (Please Test.)
⦁ Other minor Fixes.

Known Bugs:

  • Same as Pre-Alpha 8.

Pre-Alpha 8:

New Features:

NPC's now LIVE!
Warehouse now holds your stock of supplies for your NPCs to pay for.
Trading to your Warehouse now gives you money and reputation.
NPCs now Eat!
NPCs now Gain reputation based on fulfilled needs!
NPCs now have Pathfinding to locations within the world.  (Currently only go to the Trader Table, but the scripts are there for further operation soon!)
NPCs now have thoughts!
NPCs will now show you have much reputation you have gained with them at the times they are pleased with what you are doing for them.  (Keeping them happy will gain you benefits in coming patches to this version!)

Trading User Interface:
You can now trade items however you please to your Warehouse for money.
Click Confirm to Confirm your trade and earn your coins!
Right-Click items in your inventory to trade to your warehouse. (Currently only food is accepted, so farming is now needed!)
Warehouse View to see what is currently in your Warehouse.
NPCs will pay for items they take out of your Warehouse.  (I Love this Feature!)
Warehouse Withdrawal will be coming in one of the next patches to this free version!  (Currently says coming soon over it.  You will have to pay for things you take.  NPCs get paid this way.)

NPCs Schedule (Currently only works for the Blacksmith):
NPCs now have a set schedule they follow.  (I will not spoil these times, see them for yourself as they come.)
NPCs will obtain items they need at scheduled times.
NPCs will obtain currency when they deliver goods to your Warehouse.  (Currently in game, just works on a set amount till an upcoming patch.)
NPCs will report to their tables when the scheduled time hits.

Bug Fixes from Unstable:

Character stuck after talking and canceling with the trader a few times.
Cap input on name with the blacksmith.
Blacksmith Not Finding Trigger to Enable Player Trigger.
Bubbles being turned off when Tables are Placed in the world.
Placing NPC Workstations over NPC Workstations.
Bad Collision Detection with NPC Workstations.
Typing your Characters name no longer Opens other Windows.
Clicking the "No" option from your trader no longer freezes you.  (Aweful bug x.x)
You are no longer spammed with not having the proper tool for actions on gather-able objects.

Known Bugs:

Structures are not saved yet.
Farm Plots do not remember what seed was planted nor do they keep any data as of yet. (Harvest your crops before saving!)
Saving will have problems for 8.0.  (Please wait for 8.1 - 8.2  if you have these problems.  Patches to this version will be free!)
Inventory getting Full causes issues.
Houses are not currently working with NPC Workstations, as housing is still just purely cosmetic at this time.  (You may find a workaround, it really hasn't been tested yet.)
You may fall off edges of the map, so be careful, there is a reason of why, but I'm not telling you yet ;).



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  1. Please post bugs here or the post on the DevBlog about the release of this Pre-Alpha. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this version as much as I am! Also: Pressing F1 will show the Inventory of “Bob” the blacksmith. This is just implemented for finding bugs in the trading system. You must refresh it by pressing F1 to close and F1 to re-open it, or it will not update with the new things added. The best time to open it is, when you see him interact with the Trader.

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