Before Kick-starter Price Change!

You can now buy into Land of Skulls Pirate Rank for only $11.97!  This is a limited time only price for those of you who wish to get into it before Kick-starter is launched.  Pirate Rank will give you access to Pre-Alpha 10, All Alpha, All Beta, and the final version of the game!

For those of you who wish to wait for Kick-starter rewards, I have quite a few of those planed and I cannot wait to show you.  This includes rewards all the way up to physical items.

Patrons will still get Physical Items when they reach a year of support for each year they are a Patron, not to mention the rewards before the year is up.  The lowest a Patron pays per month is $5 to earn these awesome rewards.  You will also get your name in the game as a thanks for your support!

I am still working on Pre-Alpha 10 as we speak and I will keep you posted on any new updates as features I am working become complete.  Storage at this time is my priority, and it is already 50% done.  Thanks for your support for Land of Skulls and I’ll catch you in the next update!

Land of Skulls Patch 9.5.3 Released!

Release of Land of Skulls Patch 9.5.3 for everyone!

     You may now download Patch 9.5.3 of Land of Skulls which includes a bunch of fixes as well as some new features including Saving and Loading!

Bugs I found currently in 9.5.3:

  1. Getting a full inventory will not allow you to collect anything.  Try not to completely fill your inventory.  Storage and a fix for this will come to the game soon!

Currently that is all I have found in my play through.  If you happen to find any additional bugs, please post a comment to this post.  I will try to fix anything you guys happen to find in your play through.  You may also leave any feedback as a comment to this post as well.  Thank you for supporting Land of Skulls and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

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